Can I limit who sees what pulse/item?

I’d like to create a board and have people contribute to it, but only see the entries they submit. An admin or board owner would be able to see all entries.


It sounds like you want to use the forms view… are you meaning contribute to like help design the board? Or just input new data in pre-arranged fields… In that case the forms view will work well for you. It’s similar to a Google form, we use them extensively.


We also use forms a lot … and can’t use the new Outlook email integrations to let people know what they submitted after creating a pulse. The idea would be to give them access to the board but only let them see their stuff to keep track of it’s progress. I don’t want them to see other folk’s submissions.

That’s tricky as view permissions only work on the board and column levels… pulses would have to be in a separate board to be truly “private”. Otherwise like you had shown elsewhere, you can still see the pulse name. That said…

You could create a higher level board to track individual boards these folks would need access to. Using lookup columns to reference data on the higher level board that only you can see. Or, you could culminate all those separate boards in a dashboard for you to overview all the items in one place… in either scenario you should be able to use notifications. Not withstanding any other factors, am I at least on the right track?

I think you’re asking for pulse level permissions Carol? Right now, we don’t have this option—as @kolinhayes mentioned, the permissions in terms of restricting edit/view only apply to columns or boards as a whole. We do plan to add this functionality in the future but I don’t have an ETA right now. You can of course set the board so that users can only edit their own submissions (have them assigned when they submit their pulses via form plus automations) and then set the permission on the board level to “edit rows assigned to them in person column” but assume you’re aware of this permission and it’s not what you’re looking for?

3 Likes thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m looking for pulse level permissions, so it seems like I’ll need to wait on the functionality.


Is is possible to have group of pulses hidden for different people? Just like you can subscribe someone to a column, can you subscribe them to a group? Maybe this would solve your problem?

At the moment, this isn’t possible. Group level/pulse level permissions might be something we implement in the future but right now, I’m not aware it’s planned. Will pass this on though!


+1 for me on this feature request
Group and Pulse level permissions would be a great addition.


Adding my +1 here as well.

Especially regulating visibility of pulses e.g. based on whether a person is assigned to the pulse in any person column would be really useful.


Any movement on this topic?

+10 for more granlar pulse permissions. Specifically, I’d like to be able to set permissions at board View level. I’d like to track all campaigns for all clients in a single board and then share views of the board with each client but I cannot do that since each client would then see all pulses related to all other clients. A definite no no. So this would be a very useful addition. :slight_smile:

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This would still be a godsend. Use case here is invoice processing. Fiscal staff should see all invoices (rows), staff submitting invoices should only see the items they are tagged on in a people column. Combine that with restricted columns and notifications and it would allow a very effective yet simple invoice approval pipeline.

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+1 for me as well,
view level permissions would be great for us to track all things in one board and share the information needed to our clients via views.

Hi this could be a permission option similar to

Only people of this column can edit/see the pulse. Selecting Edit Will work as usual AND choosing edit/see Will include this features request

+1 for this feature,
it would be very helpful in case we want to restrict view only on assigned people.

This would be great for us too! We have a board where I help our CEO keep track of all the things he has to do with the different companies he owns, as well as areas, departments, new projects and more. He handles sensitive and private information sometimes, so we can’t have everybody looking at his board. We’d love the pulse level permissions so that we can assign the right people to the pulses, and have them update its status as necessary, but without the option of looking at the other things!

We have some problems with this too.
I think there should be an option on permissions with an extra “check” option to hide the pulses that the people are not assigned on.
If we have to be forced to create extra boards to achieve this, then beside the time wasting there will be another problem creating dashboards that will be exceeding the board limit per dashboard.


This is really needed. Be a common request for a while.

Is there an update please?, i.e Is this on the road-map or has it been dismissed as a non requirement ?

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This requirement keeps coming up for us. Any news on this request?

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