Additional Board Permission Setting which allows team members to ONLY VIEW pulses where they are linked/assigned

We are currently using as a leads management system. I add leads to a board, and then a manager can distribute leads to the different members of the sales team.
We would love to be able to restrict the board so that you as a team member can only see those leads you own.
I have set the board to allow agents to only EDIT their own pulses, but would it be to difficult to add one more option which allows them to only VIEW (and EDIT) their pulses?


This would be useful and to add to this, in the edit only pulse your assign to, allow for the creation of new pulses for anyone. We track customer bookings from independent contractors and they input their bookings. However after the booking is added theoretically anybody could alter that pulse. I know you can see the audit log but it would be nice to not have to worry about it

@PabloVerano I think this is something they are working on. I asked for this feature last year and I’ve seen several others ask for this feature also. As a workaround, I use the filter feature and filter by the agent and then save the view under that agent’s name. Then each agent can select their name from the views drop down and they will only see the pulses that they are assigned to. Hopefully they are working on adding a pulse dependent restrictions feature. This current workaround doesn’t solve all our problems but overall it helps in the interim so thought I’d share it.

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Thanks Jordan! We are using the same workaround for the time being.
It works because we are only using round-robin assignment rules for the leads, but if we are planning to do some performance based assignment, and here it becomes critical that visibility gets limited.
I hope you are right and they are already working on this! :smiley:

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