Limiting permissions of external guests

We use a number of external freelancers on our projects. We also have large clients with which we have a number of various projects on going. Our freelancers may work within the same client, but on different projects within that client. We set up a Board as the client and then groups as the client projects. I would like the freelancer who is working on that group project to only have visibility/limited function of that group he/she is working on and not be able to view any other group within the Board. Is this possible, or can these permissions only be set at Board level?

Hey @DSoutham,

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This is not something which we have available right now and so your request is similar to this one:

We’ve reported the feedback we’ve received about extending the “hide” permission we have currently on column level to hiding items/groups on a board, either limiting to those assigned or to a specified list of users on the board.

We don’t have plans to add this immediately but it is being considered for future enhancements to the permissions so watch this space!

In the meantime, would it work to have a board per project and use a column to indicate which client the project is for/folders to achieve this?

Thanks Julia for the response, me and my team have been working on it this morning and it seems the best way to do this is to create folders (which are our clients) and have shareable boards (being the projects) inside each folder. Our freelancers are invited as guests to the board they are working on, therefore not having access/view to any other board/project. For now it seems to be the only option, but we look forward to see new developments.


Great, thank you for updating and yes, I think this can be the most sensible solution for you! We’ll be in touch if we decide to develop permissions you’ve requested :slight_smile:

@DSoutham Just jumping into say I’m a Project Manager that works with lots of clients within multiple agencies, and this is the best use-case I’ve seen, you’re on the right track :slight_smile: (Folders for clients -> Boards for different aspects of client work that you invite freelancers to as guests). In our line of work (Web Marketing) we find it’s helpful to have a “management” board at the top top of each folder with general tasks and larger sprints/goals, and then other, more structured boards that freelancers and I work directly with (Blog Content, Website Development, Social Media, etc.)

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Thank you @lellieie for jumping in and offering that assurance :slight_smile:
Would absolutely love to see how you work with some examples boards in our “ for” category if you have some time to share?

Hello, I also share the need for limiting permissions for external guests. But as a newbie looking to prototype a new PM framework with workflows for potential deployment in the organization that I’m working with, I am stumped by not being able to control permissions for users. As an admin I would not want users to be able to delete or rename boards, or add/change integrations. As I understand I can bury the automation in hidden columns, but not having more granular permission levels opens up risks to unintended user errors with potential losses. Yes, recoverable from trash within 30d, but why go there? Perhaps I missed something under the admin settings?


I really need to prevent guests from being able to download the board as an excel file!

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Hello all :slight_smile:

My question is simple. I have a project with several people and i want these people see ONLY the task they are assigned…

Somebody already had this issue ? An idea ? :pray:

Have a nice day :ok_hand:

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Hi @Seb300686

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve moved your topic to this one as it was already something being discussed here. As you’ll see from the thread above, there’s another topic too which also touches on this.

It’s something we’ve taken to our product team to consider.

Let us know if you have any other feature requests :slight_smile: