Multi layer project management with freelancers and company partners


I am trying to work out the best way to use monday for top level project management.

We work with various freelancers, as well as inhouse team members on a variety of projects.

We have websites being built, we manage social media, paid ads, ongoing client projects like email campaigns etc. as well as our own email campaigns.

I would like to be able to share some information with the freelancers but obviously not the top level board, I would also prefer some things are not visible to everyone in the team.

But it would be great to be able to have different boards to manage slightly different tasks and variations of tasks, as well as different people managing them and still have a single board as a top level view, likely I would be the only one at the moment that would need to see this.

I do also want to be able to connect it with the CRM boards we’ve setup so I can easily connect which client is to which project & task.

Any help is greatly appriciated, the platform looks really good and I am sure it will suit our company needs.

Hi @MatyP - what you are looking to do should be achievable for sure. Monday is incredibly flexible and I am sure it will meet all your needs going forward!

You have mentioned a few things, so allow me to break it down individually:

From a permissions perspective, you can assign individual subscribers to a board so only the folks you choose have the ability to view/edit the information on the board. This can be done by adjusting the board members (selecting them from the members button below):


You can also setup column permissions so only specific individuals have the ability to view/edit specific information within a board. This can be done by selecting the dropdown arrow in the column heading > Column Permissions > Restrict Column Edit or Restrict Column View:


You can then setup a main board with mirroring the columns from the other boards that summarizes the information. Or you can do this by developing a dashboard that nicely puts all the information together in a more visible form.

If you need to get really specific with permissions, you will need to look into the Enterprise level licensing where it gets very granule…

If you would like more help in defining additional structures, etc. If you need more help, please DM me directly or check out as we offer many solutions tailored specifically for whatever you may need.


that’s great, thanks @mark.anley! I will definitely be in touch.

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Hi @MatyP - My team has worked in the monday․com platform for years running our entire business and interacting daily with contractors, clients, etc. We have many proven processes for organizing communication with external Guests in monday․com. I’d be happy to chat with you about how to layer permissions and board structures in the ways that will work best for your use case. Let’s chat on Zoom - You can book a 30 minute no-charge strategy session with me here: Book Polished Geek: more with

Also, if you are curious about the Enterprise Item Permissions, I made a video walkthrough for the community here: Item Permissions...

~ Deb Cinkus
Product-certified Partner

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Deb - nice overview video of item permissions. Thanks for sharing!

Awesome Deb - that is really helpful and shows how powerful this option can really be. Thanks for sharing.

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That’s great thanks, I have booked a session in.

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