Managing Multiple Freelancers on Monday

We manage multiple freelancers and are looking for a good way to manage their time and tasks in Monday. Right now they all have their own boards because we do not want them to see each other tasks. We also need to keep track of all of their time. Does anyone have a good work around so I do not need different boards for each person?

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Hi Tara!

I just started using the time tracking column for my own task/time management myself. While it does require me to use different boards if I want to keep the tasks separate, I can pull all of the time together using either the Search Everything function or the dashboard! Do you think that would work for you too?

Thanks Crystal! So the search does not really help us because it is more granulated than that. For example I would need to pull 4 things

  1. freelancer (who is a person column)
  2. Client (text column)
  3. Time (time tracking)
  4. Status column with type of work done (my freelancers do multiple tasks like development, SEO…)

Did you find a solution to this @tara?

@straister - yes we came up with a solution not using the dashboards but with the creation of other boards. While it works for us, it is still a work around that has some issues. Happy to discuss if you want some ideas.

Hey Tara - I’d love to see the board you came up with as a solution! It’s so interesting to me to see the many ways to accomplish something using Would you be able to share a screenshot of the board?

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@emily, it is a bit complicated and I am not sure that you will be able to understand by 1 screen shot. The basic concept is that we have a mega dev board. Then each freelancer had their own boards, which linked to this dev board. Before I was linking from the mega dev board to the freelancer boards, but you have to do it the opposite way - does that make sense?

It makes sense on my end tara… I would LOVE to see it somehow (if possible), because it’s very much what we are trying to do here and I haven’t seemed to connect all the dots in my brain around how to execute it.


sure, lets set up a time to speak. please email me at

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Hey @tara - thanks for sharing more! Are you manually copying the items from the individual freelancers boards into the overview Dev Board? Or, perhaps are you using an automation to do this? Also, I’d be happy to help you strategize some workarounds for the issues you mentioned you’re running into if you’re finding that they’re a deterrent in your workflow!

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Sure, let me know when you have time