Time Tracking Per User Across All Workspaces/Boards

We are usig Monday in an agency environment.

We have a TIME TRACKING column on all workspaces, on all boards. This works well, and Im using the time-tracking widget on all boards to be able to see which team members have been working on the accounts, how much time has been spent.

However, it is very slow to go through every board, checking every widget for every client.

Is there away to bring the time tracking per user into one place, so I can see on a per user basis, time spent, and on which tasks/boards?

Thanks guys.

Hey David! Charlotte here from the monday support team! :wave:

Yes, absolutely! :tada:

You will want to use a Dashboard with a Time Tracking Widget on this Dashboard to pull through all the boards’ Time Tracking Columns. In the Dashboard settings, select all the boards you want to see the time tracking from and then your widget will be able to pull this information too!

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions! :smiling_face:

Hi Charlotte
That did look like a great solution. Sadly it seems to be limited to pulling through a maximum of 20 boards…where we have far more than this where staff time track.

@muv If an add-on is an option, I suggest taking a look at the Analytics & Reports by Screenful. With it, you can create time tracking reports and schedule them to be sent via email or Slack. You can learn more from blog post: