Find all of the active time trackers

Hi All,

Do you know how I can see all of the active time trackers across boards?
I wish to see if anyone forgot to turn off the tracking at the end of the day for example.

Hey @DavGin,

Have you tried using The Time Tracking Widget on a dashboard for this? You can set it to show certain time frames and see if any time trackers are still running across boards.

Let me know what you think!


I have tested it and using it for other use cases.
The widget shows an aggregation of the time spent and it is possible to see if the clock is ticking, but:

  1. The widget is limited to the number of boards that can be connected to it.
  2. Assuming that the widget is connected to several boards, it is not possible to see on which board the time tracker is active.

The use case is: My team is working on several boards on a regular day with tens of items per board. Sometimes they forget to stop the clock and we are looking for an easy way to find where we forgot to stop the clock and to stop it.