Finding an Active Timer

Does anybody know how to find an active timer that’s been left running? One of my team forgot to turn off a timer and we can’t seem to identify where - only that it exists.

Have you tried adding a Time Tracking widget in a dashboard? Then connect all boards that have a Time Tracking column to the dashboard/widget. All live running time tracking should then be visible. However, it only shows know which person it is, so if you have lots of boards tracking time, you might need to do some digging. At least you can reach out to the person and ask him/her to check.

Hi, thanks. We’ve tried that already, but can’t seem to find the rogue task. We have 40+ boards tracking time so it’s not been that easy to locate…

Oh my… 40+ boards. I hope you find the rogue task.
Another solution could be to create a status column (on each board!) with the only purpose to trigger this automation: when status changes to something, stop time tracking. But I guess you tried that too…
Good luck!

Hello @Mindy !

As was suggested, automations that tie the time tracking columns to a status are a good idea. Other than that, dashboards that are connected to your boards that have time tracking running are a good idea.

You can use the table widget with this filter :

Hope this helps!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

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Ahh that’s the sort of clever suggestion I was hoping for! Thank you!

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I can only set this filter per board and only if there’s a timetracking currently running, so I can’t filter over all boards? And I cant save a filter which later shows me if time tracking is running anywhere?