Time tracking... notify if you forget an active time tracker?


Still new on Monday. Testing it out before we roll it out to our team…

I was doing some work the other day and had the “time tracking” column active on a task. Later in the evening I returned, to found that it had added 6 hours because I forgot to stop the time tracker when I stopped work :smiley: Of course I can manually remove those 6 hours and manually add the (estimated) time actually spent.

But it got me wondering: Is there a way to get a notification if you have an active time tracker for X hours? Kinda like “hey, are you still working on it?”.

I couldn’t find anything useful in automations regarding this.

What does others do, that use the time tracking column, to ensure you don’t forget about it?


Hey @Danish, thanks for this post!

At the moment there’s not a way to get a notification if you have an active time tracker to remind you if you forgot to stop the time tracker. That being said, I think this is a great idea! Have you thought about posting it as a feature request in the community? https://community.monday.com/c/feature-requests/7

In the meantime, maybe using the time tracking widget in a dashboard would be helpful? This would show tracked time across boards, so you could always go there and check if you still had time tracking running, and it would only be one place to go back and check at the end of the day:
The Time Tracking Widget

What do you think? I’d love to hear others’ ideas about how not to forget about the time tracking column!

I’ve used a Windows app called Fanurio time tracking for many years. I’ve tried probably 12-15 time tracking solutions, but that one has it nailed for things exactly like this. You can set to be notified if a tracker is still running for xx minutes with no activity - as well as if no tracker is running (ie I’m working away but forgot to start a timer, notify me after xx minutes that no timer is running. And a whole bunch more little edge case-y things that mirror actual workflow. All the logic is there, I had been planning to map this out for a feature request at some point, but saw this note from @Danish so decided to chime in. It’s very cheap if you want to check out the feature logic.

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