Time tracking active indicator

Hello, I thought it would be a helpful feature for some sort of visible time tracking indication to be shown on the browser screen while time tracking is active. My time tries to make use of the time tracking feature and I feel it is a very helpful metric to keep track of to highlight parts of the work flows that are most time consuming; however, team mates often forget to turn off or switch the time tracking when a task is completed. Perhaps if the background of the screen changed color or a small unintrusive/moveable button with a high z-index was displayed while time tracking was active, people using the feature would be able to easily remember the tracking is on resulting in more accurate tracking. Thank you for reading, hope to see this come into fruition! Cheers!

Hey @josephxcii,

This is a great idea, i am voting for it.

My team also uses the time tracker and we often have to correct back times when we forget to turn off the tracker at the end of the day :slight_smile:


Hello @josephxcii!

Welcome to the community! I hope you like it here :slightly_smiling_face:

I will make sure to pass this to our team with @LaurentConroux’s vote as well so they can review it.

Thank you both for the feedback!


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it will be also useful if there will be more visible - by whom the time tracker was switched ON ( we always switch off timers by mistake for our colleagues )

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