Time Tracking - Missing Key Functionality

Monday.com claim to be the leading choice for time tracking software (reference) however this feature has the following flaws:

  • Multiple users cannot track time for the same task, at the same time (team meetings)
  • Users can stop an active time tracking session that was started by another user (:flushed:)
  • Users can delete time tracking sessions created by other users (:man_facepalming:)

I have seen a lot of other feature requests in this regards, but sadly all votes are spread across them, and they don’t really have a significant amount of votes to warrant change any time soon.

So my real question for Monday is: Do you guys plan on addressing these flaws any time soon (within the next 6 months) ?

We’ve spent about a week building a custom integration to get our time tracking from an external app to sync back to number columns but there are still a few nuances that come with this. I just really wish Monday’s time tracking column was actually fit for purpose.

Okay, rant over :sweat_smile: Back to getting out own integration working flawlessly :man_technologist:

I’ve been waiting patiently for a number of years, assuming that this will be fixed. It would be nice to know it’s on your roadmap @monday-team

Id like to have the possibility of adding time on behalf of my team as the admin project manager, it would really make things smoother for us

I ended up building a while time tracking workflow with a separate board. I added automation buttons on our 2 main project boards to create line item entries on the time tracking board for the user to fill in 2-3 columns.

It was actually a better solution for us because we want to track other metrics like number of images edited and time past deadline and it allowed me to create dashboard to compile previous months KPIs that we can transfer out to our reporting decks. It was also super helpful to make a connect to a staff board to filter time by staff region, role, and type.

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Hi Nic,

I’m interested to know what the external app you’ve built a custom integration with. We’ve built a custom integration with Clockify.

Hey Kenny,

We are using TMetric. I looked at Clockify and really liked it (especially the Webhooks integration feature, which TMetric lacks), however they do not store any unique reference to the item that you are tracking in Monday.

TMetric stores the URL of the item you are tracking time for, and the URL includes the board ID and pulse ID. With this data, we can then use Monday’s API to go back and update a number column with the sum total time that was recorded in TMetric. We run this job twice a day and it seems to be working great.

How are you guys doing it?