Time tracking functionality

Hello Monday.com

Looking to move from Teamwork.com to your product but from what I can see the functionality of the time tracking column is a deal breaker.

We need to be able to record the hours/mins, e.g 1hr 30 or 90 mins. The start time and end time is irrelevant, what matters is the time we spend.

We bill our time across internal and external customers and they (quite rightly) don’t care one jot if we did the work at 13:30 to 14:30 - all they and we care is the one hour/60 mins.

Is this something you are looking to address as it seems to have been a concern since 2019. If not we will renew with Teamwork.com, which whilst expensive has far far more functionality that monday.com


Absolutely agree with this. We are using time tracking to roughly log how long we spend on jobs. The current process is completely clunky and a massive pain, meaning we’re often simply not doing it. Our team often are busy on jobs for 2 - 3 days, meaning after client submission, we just want to input “30 hours”, not have to specifically add dates and times.

Please please can you add this functionality.

Kind regards,
Peter Mitchell.