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I have been looking into a possible solution for our team’s reporting needs on Our current system allows us to pull off a report within a specific date range which includes all tasks & who has logged time to the task. Therefore, I am trying to replicate this within Monday.

At present, we are running the time tracking column to track all time to a particular task (line item). We also have the time tracking widget set up in the dashboard view.
What we are after is a way to export data, to excel or similar, by line item whereby I can see who has worked on a particular task and for how long.
For example:

Project A. Timings I want for my report are Feb 1 to Feb 28. It has 3 tasks (1-3).
Task 1 is worked on by Joe for 4 hours.
Task 2 is worked on by Joe for 2 hours & then Jack by 1 hour.
Task 3 is worked on by Jack for 4 hours.

Is there a way to extract the hours worked, by whom and on what task plus the dates from Monday? Ideally natively. I’d rather not go down the paid app route as I feel this is something that should be native to reporting in

Thank you in advance and apologies if this is quite obvious. I’ve hit a dead end trying to found a suitable solution!

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I am struggling with this as well. Standard functionality for time tracking really needs to include a reasonable export.

I wonder if this might be possible with Enterprise reporting, but the details are very limited about what you get?

Anyone from Monday care to weigh in?

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Thanks Jack. It appears to be an ongoing problem which I am surprised Monday hasn’t tackled as yet.
My only temporary solution until team push this up the list has been to have multiple time tracking columns - still doesn’t prevent the issues of multiple people in same role working on a task at same time though.

@CXS @monday-team anyone able to help at all?

Hi @HannahKnight :wave:

Thanks for your question!
At present, it’s not possible to have multiple people track time against an item within the same time tracking column. In this case, as you’ve already mentioned, we would recommend having multiple time tracking columns so that each user can track their time independently in their assigned columns.
If you’re struggling with people working on the same task and not tracking within their individual column, you might like to make a filtered board view for each user.
This will allow you to hide the other time tracking columns, leaving only the column that is assigned for that user.

You can read more on this here:
The Board Filters
Hiding columns from your board

I hope this helps :smiling_face:



Hi @HannahKnight :wave:

Just wanted to check in and see if you needed any further help here!