Reporting Line items/Time tracked

Hello everyone!

I have been looking into a possible solution for our team’s reporting needs on Our current system allows us to pull off a report within a specific date range which includes all tasks & who has logged time to the task. Therefore, I am trying to replicate this within Monday.

At present, we are running the time tracking column to track all time to a particular task (line item). We also have the time tracking widget set up in the dashboard view.
What we are after is a way to export data, to excel or similar, by line item whereby I can see who has worked on a particular task and for how long.
For example:

Project A. Timings I want for my report are Feb 1 to Feb 28. It has 3 tasks (1-3).
Task 1 is worked on by Joe for 4 hours.
Task 2 is worked on by Joe for 2 hours & then Jack by 1 hour.
Task 3 is worked on by Jack for 4 hours.

Is there a way to extract the hours worked, by whom and on what task plus the dates from Monday? Ideally natively. I’d rather not go down the paid app route as I feel this is something that should be native to reporting in

Thank you in advance and apologies if this is quite obvious. I’ve hit a dead end trying to found a suitable solution!

Thank you.