Time Tracking Issues

Hello all! I have a suggestion about how to improve time tracking. I work for a small nonprofit that is hoping to use Monday.com to generate our invoices. One major issue we’ve encountered is around time tracking. There’s a few roadblocks we’re coming up against:

  1. Time logging - Multiple people cannot run a timer on an item at the same time. They also can’t log time for the same time of day (so, one person can’t run the timer during a meeting and then have the other manually enter time for that meeting). This has resulted in us logging time for weird hours of the night to ensure that our total time, and thus our invoices, are correct.
  2. Subitem time tracking - Sometimes, it’s easiest to break down an item into subitems for project management. Ideally, we’d like to log our time spent working on each subitem next to that subitem. However, because there isn’t a clean way to roll up subitem time into the overall item’s time tracking, we ended up deciding not to log time on subitems at all.
  3. Exporting tables - We created a dashboard that is structured just like the report we need to send monthly to one of our funders. We can export it as an Excel document to send to them. HOWEVER, we need a way to export the individual time logged for each task, instead of a summary of total time. There’s no way to do this overall, so it seems like we’re going to have to export individual time tracking logs for each item, export the overall report, and then painstakingly copy and paste each one in, which is less than ideal.

Monday.com, these are major barriers for our organization! We’d love to see both some long-term solutions and short-term fixes for these problems.