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i would like to have an export based on time tracking column, as stated here : I need a solution for a pivot table for time tracking (using TIME TRACKING COLUMN!) , i do not want another tracking solution since our reporting is made directly in monday tickets.

So our developers use the time tracking column but when i use csv export of one of my sprint :

  • i do not have the name of the developer who logged the time
  • if multiple developers logged some time in the same ticket, this is not visible in csv export

I saw i can have this detail if i directly export the time tracking column but in this case i lose all the other informations.

Thanks very much,

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does anybody have some hints on this ?

Thanks !


What types of solutions you are open to?

I have used a Make scenario to expand time tracking column data to a time summary board. A similar approach could be used to export data to a sheet or subitems or other.

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thanks @JCorrell for helping. I’m not sure to know what is a make scenario. Export data to a sheet
can be ok for us too.

Thanks again

Hi @Atobi ,
Can I suggest another solution for you? With Tracket you can track time on items and subitems with multiple people. We also have a csv-export available with the user that logged the time.

You can find more information about Tracket on the marketplace: https://monday.com/marketplace/10000017



You can find out more about Make at the linked page in my signature above: What is Make & How can it help you?

Hello Jim. In which video do you cover this? I’d love to check it out.


I do not currently have a video related to the time tracking column.

Hello community, is there any sample about time tracking export for multi-board, sub-items ? We are trying to automate the “timesheet” monthly report from people working in multiple projects and recording time tracking both in parent tasks and sub-items. Thanks!