I need a solution for a pivot table for time tracking (using TIME TRACKING COLUMN!)


Someone knows an App or other solution to make a report, based on Time Tracking column?

Please, don’t address me to solutions that don’t use Time Tracking column like Harvest, Timefy or Omnitas Consulting.

I really need to use time tracking column.

A lot of thanks if someone can reply me.

Hi @robertogentile

One of our apps (Rollup Multiple Boards) does support time tracking. Before making a statement that this is THE app you need let’s try to find out your exact requirements.

Is the time tracker on just one board?
Are there multiple time tracker columns?
Are time tracker columns used in subitems?
What do you want to see (sum only?)

Hi there @robertogentile !

There’s a took called Monday Duration Manager for time tracking, it will give you a report you can connect to a google sheet with a CSV USL and “importData” function.

Let me know if you need help installing and using it.

Hello @Yoggie

I liked the idea, however, I didn’t find any information about this application or company, is this your plugin?

I must say it is simple but very useful.

Thank you!

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Hello @basdebruin

I need something to see, detailed, each task, with hour, for each person in my company logged in time tracking.

The necessity is:

  • To I send report detailed to my customers about hours;
  • To my freelancers send to me the bill to I pay them, with detailed report based on Monday;

Something like

Person 1
Task 1 | Project A | 5 hours
Task 2 | Project A | 10 hours
Task 3 | Project B | 12 hours

Person 2
Task 1 | Project C | 7 hours
Task 2 | Project D | 8 hours
Task 3 | Project D | 9 hours

Person 2
Task 1 | Project A | 2 hours
Task 2 | Project B | 4 hours
Task 3 | Project C | 6 hours

Do you understand?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve built it :upside_down_face:
Let me know if you run into any problems.

You might want to use Monday CSV URL
It works just the same only it gives you the full board.

Hi @basdebruin. I’m curious about your app “Rollup Multiple Boards”. How can I access more information?

hi @Hainer.Farias

The app can be found in the monday market place monday.com: Apps Marketplace or at our app-store at 20|Rollup Multiple Boards | Excellent Team. From our app-store you and the market place you can install the app in trial mode. Our app-store also provides a link to this detailed document

Hi Yoggie - I can’t get this link to install or download properly. Is it still an active solution?