Connect a Google Spreadsheet with Monday Boards using a CSV file URL - Free App!

Make sure you post answers the following questions so users know exactly what the value is:

- What is your app called?
Monday CSV Converter for Google Sheets

- Why did you build this app?
I needed to connect a Google Sheet with a Monday board so I wouldn’t have to keep updating the both sides.

- What does your app do?
It’ll give you a URL you can copy and paste in you Google Sheet, it’ll pull all the current data from the board.

- What example use cases and workflows does this app apply to? Be specific.
You have a Google Sheet you use for the same report/graphs, and you want to connect it to a Monday board so it’ll fetch the changes every time you open the file.

- Who are you? Are you a monday partner?
My name is Yogev, and I don’t think I’m considered a Monday Partner :slight_smile:

- How can users use your app?
Just go to this address: Monday CSV
Log in with your Monday account so it’ll install the app.
Follow the instructions, I added a screenshot showing a CSV URL.

- Are there any dependencies (eg: must have an enterprise subscription to X tool)

- Does it have a cost?

Here’s how a new CSV URL looks like, you can add as many as you’d like, they will remain available as long as the board exists on Monday and you didn’t delete the URL from the app.

I hope you’ll enjoy this app :slight_smile: