Export Board to a usable Excel or CSV

Currently, the Export Board to Excel feature creates a spreadsheet for you that is trying to look like the monday.com interface. You get the name of the board in row 1, the name of your 1st group in row 2, the name of your columns in row 3, then the data begins in row 4. For each group, the column names are all repeated. Anyone that works with spreadsheets would know this is not a very usable format. I don’t need the spreadsheet to look like it does in monday… for that I would just look at it in monday. I need it in a spreadsheet to do spreadsheet operations on the data.

The first row in the spreadsheet should just be the column names. You can put the name of the group into a column instead of making it like a row header. The name of the board is already in the sheet name and the filename. Then the spreadsheet Data → Filter would work like it normally does, and you can do typical spreadsheet operations.

My suggestion would be an additional option for “Export Board to CSV” or something like that, with just all the raw data plainly displayed.

And finally, the big image “Powered by monday.com. Click here to start your free trial”. Seriously, why is there an advertisement when I’m on a paid plan?

Hi @cberman !

You can use this app to generate CSV and Excel reports

Or use the CSV-Link app to dynamically link it to a google sheet.
You first need to install it here.

There’s a full explanation on how to use it here:

Hope this helps

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I realize the solution provided is an App, but I’m not the Admin for Monday.com in our company, and it would be ideal to not require an additional app to have this feature in the tool.

i wrote a script which exports to a CSV with the Monday API Formulas get parsed with formula.js:
You need an developer account or an API Key => just ask your admin. If you have any questions just ask: k@1ln.de

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i wrote a script which exports to a CSV with the Monday API Formulas get parsed with formula.js:
You need an developer account or an API Key => just ask your admin. If you have any questions just ask: k@1ln.de


GitHub - k1ln/mondayCSVexport

Contribute to k1ln/mondayCSVexport development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Hi @Yoggie, I tried your solution (CSV-Link) and it works and is quite simple - many thanks!

For other people, it creates a URL that works with Google Sheets (ImportData(“*url”), which apparently refreshes every hour (build in sheets feature). We are using it for Looker Studio reports (the reports are too slow when linking to Monday.com boards directly).


Hi @cberman

I am the co-founder of StackIt. We are building a plugin to get data from Monday CRM to Google Sheets. We are working with our first 10 customers to do a POC, all for free.

  1. We can import the board into Google Sheets in the format you want.
  2. This sheet can also be updated with a set frequency (Everyday, Every hour) without any manual effort.

We don’t store any data. We just want feedback from our initial customers. You don’t have to pay for anything at all. This is 100% free, without any strings.

If this sounds interesting to you, I would love to get in touch with you, please email me at vinayak@nowstackit.com


Hi guys,

You may try our Smart Spreadsheet for monday app.

You’ll be able to import an existing board to the spreadsheet, then work with the data using all the Excel-like features (cell formulas, pivot tables, filtration, conditional formatting, etc.) and export your board (modified or not) to the xlsx file.

Hope it may help your case.

Best regards,
Katerina Kovriga, Stiltsoft


Hopefully this request gets an attention. I am also looking for this solution so i can make an datamodel/table of it and use it to link it to ERP, PLM data and a KPI tool.

Because of restrictions i would like to see it in the core module of Monday and not an extra app or script.

Hi @mnigten

you probably found a suitable workflow in the meantime, but I still want to recommend another possible solution. Our Exported Excel Cleaner does the job with ease, and includes just a little manual effort.

Since you explicitly mentioned restrictions and maybe security concerns in using third party apps, I want to add that our app is running client-sided only. That means, no data is being looped through any server, everything is handled in your browser.

Let me know if you have further questions.

– Markus

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Hi @MASO ,

Thanks for your reply but just what i mentioned, sould be integraded in Monday. But in meanwhile we are testing the export through an API connection and that works great. 1 refresh and we have the realtime data from monday in excel.

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Thank you for recommending this. I was facing this exact situation of wanting the monday board exports to not be formatted and this app is exactly what I needed. Thank you.

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