Export Board to a usable Excel or CSV

Currently, the Export Board to Excel feature creates a spreadsheet for you that is trying to look like the monday.com interface. You get the name of the board in row 1, the name of your 1st group in row 2, the name of your columns in row 3, then the data begins in row 4. For each group, the column names are all repeated. Anyone that works with spreadsheets would know this is not a very usable format. I don’t need the spreadsheet to look like it does in monday… for that I would just look at it in monday. I need it in a spreadsheet to do spreadsheet operations on the data.

The first row in the spreadsheet should just be the column names. You can put the name of the group into a column instead of making it like a row header. The name of the board is already in the sheet name and the filename. Then the spreadsheet Data → Filter would work like it normally does, and you can do typical spreadsheet operations.

My suggestion would be an additional option for “Export Board to CSV” or something like that, with just all the raw data plainly displayed.

And finally, the big image “Powered by monday.com. Click here to start your free trial”. Seriously, why is there an advertisement when I’m on a paid plan?

Hi @cberman !

You can use this app to generate CSV and Excel reports

Or use the CSV-Link app to dynamically link it to a google sheet.
You first need to install it here.

There’s a full explanation on how to use it here:

Hope this helps