Exporting Board to Excel

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I have a little issue with finding a way to export an entire board into an excel spreadsheet automatically. I know you can use the UI to export which is great, however, I want this to be automated to save doing this every day.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

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Hey @Rhys_Cook!

Ivan here from the monday.com team! That’s a really great question and a wonderful piece of feedback that I’d like to pass along to our Autopilot Team. At the moment, we currently do not have an automation that would automatically export a board for you.

However, you could set up a recurring automation recipe that would remind you to export the board every day:

Would this help in the meantime?

Hi Ivan!

Thanks for the response, yes that would help but I am trying to make this an automatic process. I was thinking about the problem and there isnt a need for a excel sheet as such, I am currently trying to understand how the API2 works so I can query the data I want from the board and then somehow get this into an email and sent.

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Hey Rhys!

That sounds really great and definitely check out our developers page at monday.com/developers/v2 for more information around our API and to learn more about what you’re able to accomplish. Have you had a chance to check out that page on our website?

Hi Ivan,

Yes I have gone through it a few times now and it seems to do what we are looking for, however my coding skills are far from up to scratch and I have recruited an in house developer to help me get it working as we want. I need to make a few adjustments to the board for this to work effectively as we need some columns to reset each day. Will update this post as I progress, although some built in way to autonomously export boards would be fantastic, I know you can do this in the UI so I assume the functionality is there somewhere!

I use Google Sheets not Excel. But if you aren’t attached to the difference then you can definitely use the API to run a daily function to read the board and collect the pieces of data. Are you hoping to pull updates too or just the contents of the columns? Keep in mind some columns don’t work with the API.

Hi Chris, thanks for sharing, I am aiming just to pull the content on the columns. Columns currently on the board are Title, status, long text and formula (which holds the days date).

I don’t see any challenges in being able to do what you are asking for. I haven’t needed to pull a formula column data yet using the API, I know I can manipulate the date but pulling the value should be doable.

I am also after a way to export to excel automatically on a schedule.


Its should be fairly easy to write excel (office api) or google sheet addons (app script) to fill in the sheet by querying monday API.

The point of Monday API is to enable integration in various ways, so google sheet addon can be one of the ways.

Hope it helps.

Hi Stackpond,

We are doing some cool things and using VBA and macros on excel. We have managed to get it to open chrome and login to Monday. Still yet to download an excel this way. I am not a coder but I’ll look further into it and try calling from the API somehow.

It does help by giving me a few more things to look up and try. Thanks stackpong!



Has there been any progress on this?

Not for me @CAllen . Being a non-coder this gets very hard very quick. Decided to manually do this still until the bring out an option for automatically exporting.

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This fell off my radar and with not really ever coding before I wasn’t too upset to say the least but now am refocusing on this. Thanks everyone for taking the time to share on this thread, much appreciated. Just to reaffirm my aim here is to have a user trigger the export into excel and email of the current board fields to a DL.

Hey - just wondering if you got a solution for this yet?

Tks for getting the discussion going here!


Hey Maloner,

So the idea has kinda shifted from exporting to Excel. Instead I am now using python to make the API request, then breaking it down into what I want. The next step is get the data into an email and send off. Then I will need to find a way to trigger this event. Current thinking is one of the Monday automations to fire off an email and use that to start the request. Finally I will need to get our dev team to host this script and get it scheduled in.


Hey @Maloner, wanted to follow up here! There’s still no way to automatically export to Excel (although it’s something our team is considering), so I would recommend thinking along the lines that @Rhys_Cook suggested.

Hey @Rhys_Cook did you get any further with this? I am extremely interested in this sort of solution, particularly to grab the time entries associated with each pulse.

Hey @johnsimpson yes and no, i’m still working on email formatting but the api request is solid and pulls everything I need. I was definitely overthinking it.
I used the Monday documentation to create the query. API v2 Documentation (monday.com) well worth a read if you haven’t already.

Here is the query I am using.
boards(ids: yourboardnumberhere) {
groups {
items(limit: 60) {
# items {
column_values(ids: [“long_text”]) {

Let me know how you get on, I probably wont be much use but were all in this together.

Well if anyone is reading this, its done.
Took me a lot longer than it should have but a report of the board is emailed out when a user confirms the board is complete with a status change. This status change notifies me, when my Outlook Client see that email with the subject line it runs my python code and the email is sent, will probably need to improve this final step in the future.
An interesting step into the world of coding…