Board Snapshots / Automated Exports

This may seem like 2 requests, but the end-goal is similar enough.

It would be great to have a means of seeing what a board looked like at a certain point in time. The idea is a board goes through many changes, and rather than having to sort through the activity log, I could just set which day or iteration I want to see the board looked like in comparison to today (or any other point).

If this is too difficult, the easiest workaround I can think of is the ability to set up timed exports on a regular cadence so that the snapshots are automatically captured as Excel files. For now we can remember to manually export, but hey, why not automate?

The best comparison I can think of is Google Sheets version control in which you can revert back to a sheet from a certain point in time. I’m not asking for the ability to fully revert, just a chance to preview what the board looked like. I imagine this data is kept somewhere for a certain amount of time?

Hi, I would really like something like that.
I need a feature to export (to Excel or whatever) items before the are archived. For example, I want an automation to export all items marked as “Done” once a month and then archive them.

Also looking to export to excel on a schedule automatically.

Yes, this is a feature I really need! Automatic excel exports each month, before the info is archived or cleared.