Export-able Summary Board for Time Tracking Sessions

I’m trying to figure out how to view all Time Tracking Sessions across several boards in one export-able view.

My company’s use case is as follows:

  • We have several projects (15-20 at a time) which each have their own separate board.
  • Each project board has a Time Tracking column which employees record their time against according to the line item’s activity.
  • We have formulas that use the Time Tracking column, so we NEED to use this column, NOT a third party app.

I’m searching for a way to see all Time Tracking Sessions, across all boards, in one place. And I need this to be export-able for our CFO to run payroll.

I need to see, in one place, how many hours each employee worked per day and per week in an Excel / Google Sheet / CSV format. I also need this to be able to filter by date and time period.

Does anyone have any workarounds for this? The Time Tracking Dashboard / Widget view is okay, it has the data but it cannot export and it’s pretty rudimentary and not detailed.


Are you looking for a great way to track your time? If so, check out the Export-able Summary Board for Time Tracking Sessions. This board is designed jackpotworth visually capture the most important information from each appointment you book.