Exporting Time Tracking To Excel Questions

So we have a sort of time sheet set up for each person broken down by client then by task. Our CFO would like to be able to export from this board by a specific time period. For example, he’ll need to look at June 1 - June 15th and say Melissa spent 40 hours on X client, 25 on y client and 15 on Z client over that 2 week period. The export file doesn’t make it easy to see the associated dates. You can see on the 2nd tab of the export that there are dates but you don’t see the Customer that the task was associated with.

Is there an option I’m missing when we export the time tracking columns to excel?

Have you tried filtering the board by person/client and then exporting to Excel?

The boards are specific to each person and have groups for each client. What I need to be able to do is export by date just like the Dashboard View options.

@MStevens did you ever find an answer to this? I’ve had to workaround in excel macros :frowning: