Time Tracking reporting that can filter based on date time tracking was logged

Hi all, I’m working on improving my Time Tracking reporting in Monday at the mo but face one big challenge. I haven’t found a way to filter a chart for when a Time Tracking log was created.
Eg let’s say I have 2 tasks in my Tasks Board that I’ve logged time for.
Task A I recorded 15 minutes on 1 July 2023
Task B I recorded 45 minutes on 1 July 2023 and 90 minutes on 31 July 2023.

is there any way to filter results in the Time Tracking Widget to only show Time Tracking logs logged in the last 7 days for example?

I have played around with using a Formula Column to reformat the logged time but that doesn’t help me.
The only solution I have come up with is to use a Cross Board Automation to log all the time entries in a “Timesheet” Board with the date that the entry was logged in a date column.
However, the problem with this is that it is Automations Action hungry and burns through a fair chunk of my 25,000 monthly quota.

I’m hoping somebody can suggest a less action-hungry solution.
TIA Patrick

hi @botsquad

Have you had a look at the TimesheetPro app from our partner Work Perfect? It not only uses a super simple interface to log your time

but aso provides every report I could think of, including pivot tables and charts. All data is easily exportable to Excel and uses a very minimum amount of automations.

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Thanks @basdebruin but I’m trying to find a solution within Monday itself. Partly to avoid the need to add (presumably paid) third party apps and partly to better learn the limits and functionality of the platform.
Any input on a way to filter reports based on the date the time was logged in the Time Tracking Column?

Hi @botsquad ,

As far as I am aware, the reporting around Time tracking doesn’t allow you to filter based on date the time was logged.

Marketplace apps like TimesheetsPro exactly solves for this gap in the platform. The app also has a free trial and a free plan and I think it produces great reports with details around people , projects etc.


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Awesome thanks @Shamika_Khedkar hamika