Dash board Filter Request : time tracker logging dates (this month, this year)

In my company, we use Monday to track the time we spend on projects/tasks. For a given period of time (a year, a month), we would like to have a board-view of the time spent per person per projet based on the time tracker logging dates.

To do so, I tried to do a Dashboard with filters. However, this would request our team members to fill in other columns (for example: ending date) which demands additional manipulation of monday.

The best would be that among filters suggested to customize our dashboards, one filter would enable to filter the logging dates of the time tracker to filter time spent between a period of time, this month, this year. For example, if I logged my time tracker 10 times last week and 10 times this week on a project, if I want to know the time spent on project X last week, I could filter by logging date.

I hope my request is clear enough.

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Also “this quarter” or “this year” to add to the “this month” and “this week” filters on dates. PLEASE.

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