Filter Time Tracking Widget by Owner

I think being able to filter by owner for the time tracking widget would be a great feature to have. As of now, it’s quite tedious to have to modify my widget filter to include new boards everytime I add one. Just a thought!

Also, would be nice to be able to filter the numbers widget by month!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Your suggestions for more granular and dynamic filtering capabilities in the time tracking and numbers widgets are really insightful. I completely agree that these enhancements could improve the efficiency of using

The specific filtering features you’re asking for were not available in the platform. But I understand how these could simplify your workflow and save you time.

While you don’t have the ability to directly modify’s built-in features, we do have a team that specializes in developing custom integrations. A tailored solution could potentially offer the features you’re looking for, allowing your widgets to be more responsive to your needs.

We would be more than happy to explore this possibility with you. This would be an opportunity for us to understand your needs more deeply and discuss potential solutions.

You can reach me at