Date filter on the time tracking column

My team is complaining that since moving to, they can no longer put a date filter on their time tracking entries to see how much time they have booked to a particular project that day. We very much need a means to filter individual time tracking entries by day, not just the limited total time filters currently available.

The time tracking widget can break down time entries to the day at group level, so clearly some of this functionality is possible. If the time tracking widget could show the individual item values within the groups as well as the group total, this would do it.

Hello @StephRH,

One solution would be if each team members create a separate sub task to that item and track their time separately.

My other idea would be to check out the app marketplace. There are several time tracking app because the built-in column has some limitations.


Thanks @tibor93. Unfortunately the first one doesn’t work for us because our team would still have to spend time trawling around their time boards looking at individual rows if they want to know how their time for the day breaks down, so no quicker than what they have to do already. The second one would be extremely unacceptable since time tracking is the sole reason we are paying for pro level. We are of the opinion that a date filter is such a basic requirement in the context of time tracking that we are surprised it doesn’t exist.