Time Tracking Column per day or month

Is there a way where we could see the time tracking column per day or month? If this feature is not able at the moment, what would be the best way to do this on current version of the app.

One possibility is use creation log column, other option is track time everyday to different group.

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Thank you for your response, is there a possibility that this feature will be implemented in monday.com in the near future?

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We’ve waited better time tracking about a year now. I think they are working with it, but there’s no any indicators to prove this. Also API is insufficient when getting data from tracked time. Excel export is one option, but we have lots tasks which contains time tracking data and exporting would be somebodys daily job to do.

Topics about time tracking gets typically less attention from crew and sometimes gets closed (Get time tracking sessions with API v2).


I’d also be interested in being able to view time tracking column as days rather than hours! Ideal would be if the column simply added days once hours reached 24+ (instead of 100h 20m 30s, view would read as 4d 2h 20m 30s (no I did not even attempt to do the math :grinning:))