Time Tracking Log (csv export or change the look of the file)

Hi Monday.com team. Love the work that you are doing and I’m finding new ways to implement in our organisation. What I would love :orange_heart: to see is a different format of time tracking log. Currently this is how the Time Tracking log looks like (see image below).

And this is how I would like it to looks like.

But in the end what would be perfect is that time tracking log would either give you csv export of time tracking log with following information:

  • Pulse Name
  • Started By
  • Ended By
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Duration

In other words you get one heading row and all necessary information below which you can then easily use for other reporting or billing purposes.

Hope this feature will soon see the light of day.

And the last but not the least important. I love the work that you done and constant improvements. Keep up the good work.

Is this something that we’ll get soon? Our company is currently spending 8 hours a week to extract the data from the excel spreadsheet in its current format. The suggestion above would be a perfect solution. Thank you.

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Hi, if you want to add your feedback here, this post is from 2019