Time Tracking Features Requests

Regarding the time tracking column, it would be great to have the ability not just to export the data in this field to Excel but also be able to import a CSV/Excel file with individual dates/time stamps for each of the sessions (instead of having to manually import individual sessions).

Additionally, while the time tracking currently calculates and summarizes the hours between two events, it would be great if we could customize this setting to calculate and display the number of days between two events in the summary.

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Time tracking can be a bit of a beast depending on your requirements, but have you thought about integrating with something like Clockify? There are a few good integrations available to connect with different time tracking platforms so you’re never having to manually upload or download time entries again.

Happy to give you a demo if you like :smile:

For the days/date discrepancies, I would recommend using a formula column to sort that out for you. Like below:
Gives you:

Let me know if you wanted to discuss further :smile: