Charts and Time Tracking, filtered by Date


We would like to visualise the data from a time tracking column, by date logged . We would like two methods:

  1. In a bar chart, date/day from time tracked columnas the X-Axis with the amount of hours on the Y-Axis

E.g. 2 hrs logged on Monday, 3 hrs logged on Tuesday, 5 hours logged on Wednesday

This would should Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday on the X-Axis and the amount of time tracked per day on the vertical Y-Axis

  1. Filtering a chart to show time logged, within the last week, on 3 projects

E.g. We have line items of Project A, B & C and time tracked for each in a column

Bar Chart to show:

  • Project A, B, C on the X-Axis
  • Number of hours logged to each project on the Y-Axis
    Then to advanced filter show only time tracked that was logged in the last 7 days.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

I would like to be able to do a general filter similar to this - Time Tracking by Date. A filtered view that is able to be exported for invoicing and billing.