Feature Request - Filtered Time Tracking Excel export

I track employee timesheets using subitems and dynamic views. Each subitem represents a day of the week for a given week# (which is the main pulse). I need to be able to keep separate records from Monday for various legal reasons, but it’s a big help being able to export the time tracking column alone, to Excel.

However, when I export the time tracking column to Excel, the export ignores any filters I have applied. So if I have filtered by all time tracked in Week 24 and Week 25 (For bi-weekly time reporting) and then I export the subitem time tracking column, I get an export with ALL weeks 1-25, and it produces the data all out of order. It’s a very searchable export, so it’s not useless as it is now, but it’s very time consuming to filter out the several thousand rows created by the volume of unneeded data.

I want a feature that allows me to export an Excel doc from the tracked time info, of all sub items within the boundaries of what I have filtered. For example, If I filter by week 24 and week 25, I want an excel doc that only considers the subitem time tracking for week 24 and week 25.

Thanks for considering!