Time Tracking Widget Confusion

Hi all,

Hoping someone can help me out here as I’m not sure if I’m getting confused.

When filtering in a dashboard on all hours logged, you can’t actually filter on ‘people’? It keeps bringing up other users that are not even part of that person’s team. When filtering on ‘Project Management’ for example, we are having people from different teams also coming up in the filter (regardless of if they have logged any time or not)
I’m not sure how we can rectify this, but as there is no other way to filter on the people you actually want to see and accumulate how much time they have logged, the widget doesn’t actually add value to anything.

Hey Polina! :wave:

This sounds odd! I think it would be best if our support team could take a look at the settings you have on each widget in the Dashboard to better understand what might be happening here.

Would you be willing to send us a DM on social with some screenshots or send us a message (via live chat or email) at Contact support - Help Center?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Polina,
Sorry to hear that you are facing issues with native time trcaking reporting.

I recommend you try the TimesheetsPRo (TPRO) app. It’s reporting features are definitely better than time tracking. Using teh app, you can report on:

  • Resouce’s daily/weekly/monthly utilisation
  • Daily / weekly/Monthly time spent oin particular project by particular resource
  • filtering and sorting feature allows to fine tune the insights

Here’s a quick snapshot:

The best part is that teh app is free for all the monday.com users.

Let me know if you have any questions or need help with app.

TimesheetPRo (TPRO) is not free unless you have only 3 users. You cannot even have time tracking on “My work”. It is disappointing.

Hi @polina.kurotskina,

The Issue you are facing is because:

  • The dashboard usually pulls data from multiple board connections and all the members of those boards are most likely to be shown in the filter.

Ideal Solution:

  • While setting up the dashboard widget for any particular board, kindly uncheck other boards in the widget settings.


If you’re looking for a professional assistance [hiring monday.com consultants ] from a preferred partner company is the right choice. The consultants can potentially build custom workflows and automations in a way to help you visualize and setup your project boards.

Neelam B
Damco Solutions
Phone: +1 609 632 0350 | Email : info@damcogroup.com

Hi Neelam,

It’s just the one board I am pulling the data from. Is there a solution for this case?
I don’t think in this instance hiring a consultant would help, as it seems to be an issue with the widget itself, not anything I am doing in particular or something a workflow would fix.