Feature request - 2 week filters + "Date is x days from today"-filter


My team is using Monday for tracking RPA-projects. We have a lot of projects (80 at present) and use a lot of time just managing our time, tracking tasks and making sure no tasks is missed. We have all tasks related to specific projects in 1 board and then we have a couple of boards for non-project tasks.

To manage our time we use views to keep an eye on our workload in the future. And we plan for the coming weeks in detail.

As it is now we only have a filter for the calendar view that is “Day”, “Week” and “Month”. We could really use a 2 week filter as well. The same goes for charts. If we can get a 2 weeks filter (that is starting from monday in current week) it would help us a lot.

Additionally we have cases where a useful date-filter could be “Date is x days from today”. Example: I want to have a view showing all upcoming tasks for 30 days that is dynamic. I set my filter for 30 days from now.
The existing filters are way to clunky for us to use - if we set the filter for “This month” and there is 2 days left we can’t see the upcoming tasks.

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