Highlight boards with running time trackers or simply tracker overview

One issue we have had ever since starting to use Monday.com is forgetting to stop time trackers from running, often because we are jumping between various boards and tasks. Forgetting to stop them means we are constantly having to go back and edit timers and try to recall when we finished working on them.

Whilst we have a dashboard which shows boards and time tracked on them which we can use to quickly see which ones having active trackers running we can’t directly edit or stop them from there, instead having to note which board it’s coming from then switch to that board and find the task(s) still running.

What would be idea would be a view/dashboard sort of like the MY WORK view which displays all tasks from all boards and with timers which are currently active for all users but also allows us to directly edit them from that view. This would allow us to quickly and easily see and edit any/all trackers at any time.

Alternatively, perhaps the simple UI tweak of having board names in the board list embolded or colour-adjusted if they have active trackers running?

Agree, I get surprised with timer still running with hundreds of hours still counting… would be great to have an indicator in the header to indicate that a timer(s) are running with a link to the board or something like that.