Make latest and currently running Time tracking items always visible

Hi team,

For our projects, we work with numerous boards and items (topics), and we are required to switch from one topic of Board A to another topic of Board B or Board C within few seconds and afterwards also to go back to the previous items to continue time tracking there. This is often quite a struggle to navigate back and forth to the different items and to resume the time tracking.

It would be great if we could make that easier.

I believe that it needs
a) either a plugin on the chrome browser that displays the below information dynamically in no matter what window is open.
b) like a bar on the top or on the side of the page, when logged into our workspaces, example:

in order to have in one view the current items (CI) that have time tracking running and also the last 5 items (LI) that have been used for time tracking. Like this it will allow us to quickly stop one time tracking and relaunch another one we are working on or have been working on maybe 15 mins ago without having to navigate between the boards again.

This is a fantastic idea! The ability to seamlessly switch between different topics or boards and efficiently manage time tracking is a common challenge many of us face. Your proposed solutions, such as a Chrome browser plugin or a dedicated top/side bar on the page, would be incredibly useful.

Having a dynamic display that shows the current items with active time tracking and the last 5 items used for time tracking would definitely streamline the process. It would save us a lot of time and eliminate the need for constant navigation between boards.

I think I’d prefer an option that doesn’t require a plug-in, so it’d be nice f there was an easy view-related option, either as a header on the table view, or as a simple view/filter setting that can be enabled, so that a view can be created for the board.