Sticky Time Tracking widget

The main problem right now is that when you start tracking time, then you can forget about it as you browse other pages on your screen.

I was thinking about an option to add a sticky Monday time tracking widget so you can always see the time tracking in front of your eyes even if you browse other websites on your screen so you will never forget to pause the time tracking after finish working.

What do you guys think about it? Share in the comments

Yes, or at least the ability to have a My Work style tab where you can see all your active timers.

We often have issues with people forgetting about timers and them being lost, especially with sub-items and items being dealt with in different ways and unsupported by some widgets.

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Exactly. I totally agree with you.
I think that if we see the timer in front of our face so it will be much easier to work with it and we will not forget to track/stop tracking any task.

Oh yes please please…