Timer Running Feature

Is there any way to create a feature that it is obvious a timer is running. I am vigilant when a time is running, but sometimes distractions come along and the timer does not get stopped. I notice this days or weeks later.


We have this problem/concern as well. I have been trying to use the timer capability to measure the amount of time my team is spending on each project. Timers are often inadvertently left on, including by me, so we’ve stopped using. We’ve been trying to collect the data by Outlook calendar timing, then reporting in Monday manually. But, even I often times neglect to report it in Monday.

If we had a way to find running timers, the capability would be used again. I need this information in order to be able to measure how long projects will take in the future.

Hi @Lar , @sstauffacher. This is an issue we have dealt with in the past for a few clients. While its not a perfect solution, what we have done is create a new Date column (called Stop Date in this example) that gets pushed by 1 day at 1:00am each morning and stops the time-tracking column.

Keep in mind, it will stop all time-tracking for all tasks within the board so you could couple it with specific statuses, etc.

Hope this helps!

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I upvote this idea! What would be useful if there was a way that the timer was visually sticky throughout Monday.

One idea - make the font of running timers a different color or highlight the cell a color, so they are easier to see.

A better idea - highlight the whole row with a color when a timer is running. It’s just easy to not see the timers running when the eye scans the table.

I have a large monitor, so I have created a group for my top 3 priorities I’m working on. I then transform them into the card view, reduce the amount of fields displayed on the cards, and make the window as small as it will allow me to. This is my way of making it work more like a desktop widget. The frustrating thing is how large the box has to be. If I could contrain the view just to the size of the card, it would be perfect! Instead, I can minimize the left and top menu, but it’s still displaying the main menu bar with the to do, notification, etc icons. I’d like to be able to pop out the current card in a new window, or have the ability to completely hide the top ribbon and main menu on the side.