Time tracker alerts

The time tracking column feature in Monday is really useful and our team uses it throughout their working day. However, it would be great if it had some additional features (listed below).

  • Could an alert be set up for when you start a timer on one pulse but already have one running on another pulse? At the moment, it’s possible to have more than one timer running at once which means our teams often duplicates time without realising. This makes our reporting inaccurate and takes a lot of extra time to go back and manually cross-check time trackers and correct everything.

  • Is it possible to set up an alert to flag when an individual session timer runs over a preset time (e.g. 2 hours)? So that it flags when someone’s left their timer running. Again, at the moment team members often forget to turn off their timers, which affects our reporting and we need to spend time manually updating everything.

While these features are being considered, does anyone know of a workaround or a way to use automations to prevent our inaccurate time tracking issues happening?