Force user to only one view

Hello. We are trying to use as our total project management solution. So far I have been somewhat surprised and disappointed at some glaring gaps.

Apart from the incredible difficulty in creating recurring tasks, which is a basic feature of a PM tool, we have also found the guest access to be quite limited.

We have clients and contractors log in, and find that it is not possible to restrict what they see in a board. (We use one board for all of our project tasks.) We have to create a new board for each contractor, which is unworkable.

One way to solve this is to create a view and filter the contractor’s view to only see tasks assigned to them. However, there is no way to stop them from changing the view to see everyone else’s business.

We think the simplest way to solve this would be view permissions. For each view, as well as ‘Rename’, ‘Share’ and ‘Delete’, add a ‘Permissions’ option that lets us restrict who may use that view. Then we can lock down who can see what.

100%. have to be able to lock views for board guests