Guest Access (Client Portal)

Hi all, I have an interesting challenge. Every which way I turn I seem to run into something that stops me.

I have a project details board (used for internal process);
I want some of those pulses from various group sets to appear on a board/dashboard for the client “a guest” to see + be able to comment on (when necessary).

In an ideal world, the updates/comments on specific pulses would also sync up/mirror with the ability to mark as “internal comment only.” I think that’s a fairly basic element of pulse updates + inviting guests but maybe it’s not a priority to Monday?

I’ve tried just about everything I can think of from creating another board, mirroring/two way syncing those specific pulses but without giving the “guest” access to the original board none of the information in each column shows.

I’ve tried creating a dashboard from the project details board but again, without giving access to the project details board (which I don’t want to do because it is internal) the client can’t see anything.

I’ve tried VLookup but you can’t select specific pulses from tags + it requires a column to be updated in order to mirror.

Basically, it seems like manual board creation for guests is the only thing that gives them access to what you want but nothing else. Has anyone created a client portal for links/files to engage with clients? I find it so frustrating in a creative industry it’s this difficult to work with Monday to engage your client. SO MUCH POTENTIAL HERE!

To recap what I’m in search of:

  • share specific pulses from specific groups with guests without giving them access to project details board (either by creating sharing a sharable board or a dashboard)

  • updates/comments or even chat/discussions with guests

  • another thought would be to give a group set a permission setting; or a pulse a permission setting.

I realize we get pretty granular with internal/external comments, group/pulse permissions but at the same time the ability to create workspaces + interact with guests without separating project boards doesn’t really exist. As they simply can’t see anything or they have a full view of your entire workflow, pulse comments + updates.

As a result, you have multiple project boards (internal project details + external project view/engagement) for one client.