Client portal abilities?

Does anyone know if allows the usage of client portals? I know that we are able to share links to boards, but having a password-protected login to a specific board would be great. Any information regarding that would be appreciated (if there is anything). TIA!

I think no, not possible on monday

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I kind of assumed, but thought I would ask. Never hurts to ask, might learn something new. :slight_smile:

Yeah, actually does have client portals. You can set up private boards and invite clients with their own login credentials.

@JDer I think while you are technically correct about this, I think I understand what @maffrandj is after, it is a web-based client portal. I have noticed that Softr mention support coming soon but when I spoke with them they said it is on the roadmap but there is no date.
You could potentially create a portal using Jotform Apps connected to Monday via


Can confirm the same thing from Softr, no ETA. I despise when I see coming soon, but it’s not even in the works!

I have been told tentitively Q3 2024. Hope that helps