Client portal abilities?

Does anyone know if allows the usage of client portals? I know that we are able to share links to boards, but having a password-protected login to a specific board would be great. Any information regarding that would be appreciated (if there is anything). TIA!

I think no, not possible on monday

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I kind of assumed, but thought I would ask. Never hurts to ask, might learn something new. :slight_smile:

Yeah, actually does have client portals. You can set up private boards and invite clients with their own login credentials.

@JDer I think while you are technically correct about this, I think I understand what @maffrandj is after, it is a web-based client portal. I have noticed that Softr mention support coming soon but when I spoke with them they said it is on the roadmap but there is no date.
You could potentially create a portal using Jotform Apps connected to Monday via


Can confirm the same thing from Softr, no ETA. I despise when I see coming soon, but it’s not even in the works!

I have been told tentitively Q3 2024. Hope that helps

Hi @maffrandj @dreamsuitemike and @Joe_Downey

one possible solution might be our latest app Board to Website Widget, which can help or contribute in building such a client portal. Though password protection, as requested explicitly, is not yet implemented, but on our roadmap.

The app cannot build a self sufficient and wholesome client portal, as you might think of. But you can turn your boards into web-based widgets, that can be shared as is, or embedded (with provided iframe embed codes) seamlessly into your existing website. The published widgets contain all of the original board data (including files), or just parts of it – that’s up to you.

If you are interested, feel free to take a look at our embedded demos.

Let me know what you think.

– Markus

:point_up_2: In addition to my previous post and due to feedback we got in the meantime, I wanted to share some exciting news with you:

We are currently working on a new app to create Client Portals. You can manage everything related to your clients directly on monday, just like you are used to already. The app provides a flexible framework under the hood that makes it possible to build fully customized client portals, contractor portals, help desks, service request portals, job portals and many more – straight from your monday board data.

To be fully transparent, this won’t be a no-code solution such as softr. But therefore it is fully customizable to your clients’ needs, unique requirements, and it is perfectly optimized for the monday eco-system. Part of the deal is a service provided by us as contractor, that includes the creation of the design and the template development for each client portal.

:rocket: ETA for the solution will be around summer 2024. At this point, we are looking for two or three organizations that are interested and looking forward to have their client portal built – before the official launch. This is a way for us to test everything upfront with different real-world scenarios. If you find this promising, shoot me a message at :slight_smile:

– Markus

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