Development of a Non-Monday Branded User-Friendly Client Portal

I have a query regarding our current setup. We currently manage 60 boards, each dedicated to a different client. My team diligently updates these boards with the necessary information for our clients. To access this information, clients log in as guests to the respective boards.

However, a notable concern has arisen. When clients log in, they are directed to a Monday-branded page adorned with Monday advertising. My objective is to redirect them to a page that bears our company branding and displays our company information prominently.

I am curious to know if anyone else has encountered this issue and, if so, how it has been addressed.

Hey Steve,

Would you be able to send over a screenshot of what your guests see when they log in? I just want to make sure I am understanding where exactly they’re being directed so I can check if we can further customise this area? Thank you :pray:

Hi @stevel

you probably found a solution in the meantime. If that’s not the case, I suggest you take a look at our Board to Website Widget app, which lets you easily transform your boards into web-based widgets, that perfectly match your company branding – and without any advertising.

You can either share them directly with a link, or even embed them seamlessly into your company website. Since you can use automations for the publishing process, you can keep your widgets updated on auto-pilot.

Feel free to get a better understanding by having a look at our embedded demos.

Let me know what you think.

– Markus