Is anyone embedding boards into their own site portals?

I’m wondering if anyone has successfully created portals and embedded customer boards into their site.

I have an idea of instead of giving my customers access to a shared board, we create a portal on our site via Wordpress plugins, and when a customer logs in to the portal, they can have access to their board.

Is anyone doing this? If so, could you please explain how you have it setup and how you are using it?

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Hello @bysam. Only yesterday I asked about this. See my post Showing board items status dynamically in a connected website

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@bysam Yes! I’ve a programmer that did some feature for my company. Please tell him: . He write and speak in english and I believe he will help you.

I was more curious as to how people are already using it. Not ready to have something built, just want to understand the current use cases.

We only use embedded board views for sharing information that the viewer doesn’t need to interact with at all. If a client needs to be able to reply, comment, filter, etc. then we make them Guests on the board and they sign in to see their board(s).

@PolishedGeek having looked at your company, it looks like you build some custom apps for customers using Is there a reason you don’t internally create customer portals using API’s, for your clients to interact with so Monday stays only as a backend tool?

Was that something you’ve ever considered internally?

Hi @bysam -

We never considered building out our own frontend portal on top of monday․com. While I’m sure there are some use cases where it makes sense, for us it didn’t. It was so absurdly easy to onboard our clients onto monday․com, plus there’s an excellent mobile app and tons of new features added every month. Building monday․com apps gives us the power to add unique views and features while still taking full advantage of every native monday․com feature.

I’d be happy to chat with you about why we went in this direction. We used to have a separate internal system (JIRA), but not anymore. Feel free to reserve a time on our calendar:

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We use Tovuti as a portal for car dealers that we partner with to provide auto loans. We use a form that the dealers will out to submit a deal, and we track it all along the way through to funding in a single pulse/item in Monday. We have “views” set up for each dealership where the view only displays certain columns, and we’ve set that view to be public, but have iframed it into a window that opens with a link in each dealerships portal in Tovuti. That way the dealerships can easily see what documents we still need to fund their deal, and if it has been funded. I’ll include a screenshot with our customer’s names redacted.

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We have a customer portal that manages a lot of documents and document metadata (contract related dates, etc…) It is in SharePoint. We have a separate set of pages for projects and we surface timelines/Gannt charts and boards for executive access to project progress. We’d really like to be able to surface dashboards, but you can’t do that (yet? Monday?) This way Execs only have one location to go for all interactions with our company.