Showing board items status dynamically in a connected website

I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks trialing Monday and like very much what I see. I also enjoy the community !
I was wondering if it would be possible to show the contents of a board dynamically on a connected website?
For example, a takeaway restaurant, but there are plenty of other examples you could use. Customers use a form to order what they want and the order comes into a Monday board. The kitchen sees what is ordered and begins their work. Depending on the way the kitchen works, the order status could be updated from “Working on it” to “Ready” or depending if they are really on the ball “Ready in 30 mins”, “Ready in 15 mins” etc.
The contents of the kitchen status board is dynamically linked to the restaurant’s website so anyone can see the status of the orders. I would give the orders a number so that person’s names are not seen. The system could take the first name, (or first or last three letters of the customer’s name for those who didn’t want their name to show) and add a timestamp to it. So the kitchen status page on the website would show somelike:
Order No. Erg10:16:23 Status: Ready.
Order No. Mon10:25:23 Status: Ready in 15min.
Using Twilio for example you could also send the customer a SMS or use other messaging platforms.
In the restaurant itself you’d use a display using a browser to show the kitchen’s Monday status board.

Adding to this, this would make sense beyond the restaurant industry.

For service based companies, they could inform their customers the status or stage of their project.

You could even turn this into a full customer portal.

I know shared boards work for some, but this would create a unique solution for a lot of businesses using Monday already.

Here are some other examples:

  • E-commerce companies can share order fulfillment status
  • Sales teams can show their availability for booking appointments
  • Customers looking for support can see the status of their ticket
  • Design companies could use it for asset delivery
  • Consulting companies could share updates on projects for their clients

Users who have a Wordpress website have a lot of options to create customer portals. There are plugins that make this pretty easy, I found a Medium article sharing a couple options:

I’ve seen people ask if there is a way to do URL masking, so instead on, you could have your Monday account as a subdomain of your site, such as

This integration would make it so your team could rely on on the backend, but the frontend is nicely customized to your own system/website.

The more I think about this, the more I think this could also be accomplished through a third party plugin by using the Monday API but for non developers, this isn’t easy to implement.

It depends :slight_smile:

If you only want to show (some of) your content of your board to your customer the easiest way is to define a new view in monday, hide the columns that you want to hide, filter the rows you want to filter and share the view.

Then copy the iframe to your (Wordpress) website and that’s all there is. See example below.

If you want to restrict this page to only one specific user / customer you can do that on your website by restricting content. That would of course require the user / customer to login to your website.

The harder part: when you want your customer to edit certain information from your website. This would require a good bit of coding, where (in case of WordPress) I would suggest to use something like WPForms (combined with ACF).


I had not heard of “Bubble” before but looking at their website, it certainly looks interesting! I’d like to hear from you if you manage to link Monday views with your Bubble app and what it can do.

@JPinBe @bysam One option is to use the Screenful Reports add-on to create reports from the monday data and embed them using public share links.

Here’s an example of how to embed data from monday boards into Notion.