Embed all of Monday into another app?

Hi! I have a dashboard application and would like to embed the whole Monday page with the board view into that app.

From what I’m seeing, I have two ways of approaching this:

  1. Use the API and build Monday from scratch (yuck).
  2. Embed the dashboard view from Monday on the site in a read-only mode.

I already tried the API route and realized it’s too complicated.

I really wanna do the second one since Monday already knows how to read and parse all that data coming from the API.

Embedding issues

When I last checked how to do this I had to manually go into Monday and setup and embed for that board; there’s no automated way of doing it.

My ask

It’d like to be able to do this on-the-fly; create a custom embed token, load the iframe, and be done with it. After that user logs out or closes the browser, I can send a message to Monday “hey, kill this embed link; it’s done”.

And since those boards are only temporarily accessible with the right credentials, it would be hard for someone else to access them.

Heck, if I could return the contents of the Monday.com iframe from my API using my API key, even that’d be better than trying to build Monday from scratch using your API.

Does something like this exist today where I can automate the creation of embedded Monday boards?