[Sharing] How I use monday.com as data source for my web site

Hello Fellow Monday colleagues

Monday customer care team advised me to share my use case as it may be beneficial for some of you.

My use case is relatively not usual for many Monday.com users.

I always wanted to share stuff I just learnt. Like others, I share stuff in forums, messaging groups, and twitter so forth. Keeping sharing stuff is counterproductive. I want my notes to be shared at the moment I take notes. So I tested and tried Monday.com whose APIs have been very robust and high-performing.

Please refer to the following links for your perusal.

COVID-19 note (list view) - https://bit.ly/2xjeINi

Health & Diet (card view) - https://bit.ly/3aYXGTp

Positive Affirmation Page (slider view) - https://bit.ly/2Xs5FV8

Smart-spending questionnaire (assists in generating smart decision) - https://bit.ly/2JEAu0w



Hi Dan
Dan(ny) here :wink:
I am VERY interesting in understanding what you did here?
Am i correct in concluding you’re extrapolating rows (pulses) from Monday boards and embeding them into a web page with your own formating?
If so, please share so of your expertise so we can try this on our own!

Glad you find my post interesting. Yes, I am just extrapolating rows from Monday boards and embedding them into a web page with my own formatting. I used the API integration documentations at https://monday.com/developers/v2.

@awesome.dan - This is so great! Thank you for sharing your use case for our community to see.

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