Can I limit who sees what pulse/item?

Looks like it’s coming - see Group level permissions

But it will be limited to Enterprise accounts which really disappoints me. Lot of stuff you would normaly expect to have on Pro account is being locked behind Enterprise :unamused:


Locking this away in the enterprise level is a bad joke. We have a 50 user account and this will keep us from moving more processes into Monday, hence reducing the likelihood of making us a more sticky long-term customer. This decision is as anti-customer as it was to make visibility permissions for workspaces an enterprise feature. We’re a 501c3 nonprofit and can’t afford to be upsold into the next level. Awful move on Monday’s end. They’re intentionally crippling the value of any tier but enterprise for larger accounts. This is not how you build a loyal customer base.

Love the product, but whoever makes the decisions on which features are being made available to what tier of customer is ultimately lessening the value of the product for many with the fracturing of their product tiers.


+1 for me, having also presumed this would be possible on a standard plan (albeit a paid-for one).

Hi, is there any good news on this functionality please?
It would be a God send if we could please have it.

Please consider this message as my +1 vote for this functionality

Hi @Tabish - The Item level permissions are currently going through testing with a very small number of Enterprise accounts, as a pilot test group. What I’ve heard in the Partner community is that if all goes well, the feature should start to become available for other Enterprise customers later in Q1.

@PolishedGeek Hi there, thanks for the update on general timeline. That doesn’t answer the question though if at least Pro level accounts will eventually gain access to this feature. An update on that front would also be appreciated. It’s a crucial feature, especially for larger customers. We’re on a 50 user pro plan and will never as a nonprofit be able to upgrade to enterprise given the large cost-differential.

Hi @sschreiner - While I cannot predict what monday will or won’t do in the future, for now our information is that this will be only for Enterprise accounts.

If you would like to chat about whether there are some Pro level workarounds to make your life easier, we can brainstorm a bit. It wouldn’t be as clean as item permissions but perhaps we could help you optimize your setup. If you’d like to chat, you can schedule a session here: Book Polished Geek: more with

@PolishedGeek My mistake, I falsely assumed you were with Thanks for the offer, but we currently don’t need any additional external support for the tool.

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Hi @Tabish

You can see here as @PolishedGeek mentions, that this feature is currently in alpha testing with a very small group of accounts. We’re not sure yet if it will be limited to the Enterprise tier but know that it is on the way to release!

1 Like Hi Julia, any update on the rollout of this feature?

I agree with the above sentiments - we started using Monday with the sole intent of having boards dedicated to sensitive information and being able to restrict viewing to individual items within the boards and groups. This seems like a basic feature that should not be limited to just enterprise accounts. I would say that rolling this feature out to pro accounts isn’t just a consideration, it’s a necessity. Any updates on this feature would be much appreciated!

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Hey Everyone,

This feature is now in beta stages for Enterprise accounts. If you are in an Enterprise account, you can email to be added to the list of beta account with access to this feature.

We certainly appreciate your feedback on which plan this feature should be offered and we’ll pass this to our Product team.

In the meanwhile, you can create multiple private boards (or shareable) where one certain individuals have access to it and then pulled them in to a Dashboard and make use of the Table widget to see all the items within them.

Hi @bradley - again this is not a solution. I am sorry but until Monday offers (what they call) enterprise level security to all license tiers this is not solved. I dont know of a single solution on the market that holds security of information hostage for a dollar value. The big issue - a lot of people do not qualify for Enterprise (20+ licenses) so what are those companies supposed to do? Make enterpise security features available on other license levels at added cost if need be. But dont hide them away.


I very much look forward to this feature being able to enter the PRO level, I can’t afford the enterprise level.

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I’d love to try out the feature and if it works I’d be willing to upgrade to enterprise.

@Laz - yes this feature is available only on the Enterprise license tier. Please note - there is a minimum of 20 licenses required to move to Enterprise.

Hi @Laz - I also sent you a private message about this. I’d love to chat with you about how Enterprise features work and see if it’s right for you. Feel free to reach out to me directly at to arrange a no-charge consultation on Zoom.

We have many small business clients who have upgraded to Enterprise and are happy to assist you in making the right decision for your business.

Update: we upgraded to enterprise and have been using the permission feature for a little over a month. Thanks to @PolishedGeek for the onboarding.

Our use case: We utilize a board to dispatch assignments to our drivers and we wanted driver assignments to be viewed only by the assigned driver. The permission feature Works as intended. No hiccups. Only feedback I would have is it appears if a driver is removed from an assignment driver still has view access to it. Not a regular occurrence for us but I’m sure will eventually tweak that.