Viewing sub items via the shareable link view

Hello Monday!

I’ve recently started finding some uses for sub items within my board and I’ve created some workflows I’m really happy with. However, I’ve come unstuck when trying to share a board view with colleagues outside of the account.

When I share the board view it only shows the main pulses and the user cannot click on them to see the breakdown of sub items. I’d like the viewer to be able to click on the pulse and for a dropdown of the sub items to appear below it.

My use case is it that we are pulling together a magazine which will include both internal and external content. Both types of content are in their own groups and the pulses below are the names of the writer/business. As sub items I have included all of the content each writer needs to provide but they can’t refer to it via the board view I sent them so they email me to remind them of their topics and deadlines which isn’t ideal.

I know that this feature is still pretty new but I hope it’s something that you will consider adding in at some point so I don’t have to keep exporting to excel and emailing, or setting up my board in a messier way to get that overview via groups and pulses.