Share Board w/ Link - Can't view Subitems?

Hi there,

I have a board I want to share with an outside consultant. I don’t want to invite them as a Guest, but just share the board with a link. But it appears that when I share with the link that none of the sub-items show up.

How can I share a board and make sure someone can see all the sub-items?

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Hey @rebekahpearson, good question!

There’s no way to share a board via link and have the subitems show up at the moment, as subitems are still in beta. We’re looking into supporting them in the linked/broadcast view later this year, most likely by the end of Q4.

Does that help? The other alternative for now would be to add the outside consultant as a guest to the board (which sounds like it might not be ideal for you) or screenshot the board and subitems and email it to the outside consultant.

Thanks… we figured it must not be available at this time so we’ve found another solution to work around.