Share Board w/ Link - Can't view Subitems?

Hi, wanted to reach out and let you know this is a need we have as well. Within our organization, we would like to share a board with tens/hundreds of items, all with subitems (links as resources).

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Hi Any update about this case?

Please could definitely give us a feature availability deadline? It’s very important for us and we are asking about that since enough months… :roll_eyes:

Thanks for pushing this feature on your Roadmap.

Have a nice day.

Hi - we would also REALLY benefit from viewable Subitems in Shared views. Please push this forward if you can.

Thank you!!

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I’d also like to chime in here and just say that this feature would be extremely useful for our business, as we also have a similar use case as everyone else posting here. I do see it on the subitems roadmap, which is great, but with the release date being TBD, which is not so great.
Can anyone suggest a workaround? Also, is there any way to share a public link view to a board and include the ability for the viewer to read updates and info boxes? - this needs more attention than I feel it is receiving. Unfortunately, I have had to go in and redo all my boards (10+) to where there is no subitems or subitems are things that we would already hide from customer facing views. Needless to say, it was cumbersome to do this.

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Appreciate you pushing it, this would be very helpful for what we plan to use Monday for as well!


Need this! :slight_smile: Please, hurry! :slight_smile:

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I want to add my vote to this topic - sub items are really handy, but if they are not seen on share links then that makes them pretty useless.

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We also realy need this feature!

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Hi please could you help us with this feature and let us know?
For now I have to export Monday boards Excel = :weary: :weary: :weary: :weary: That’s exactly what I don’t like to do, Excel isn’t dynamic… We are rolling back to this horrible tool just about this issue…

Thanks for pushing all our requests.

Have a nice day.


I’m with everyone else and would like to see some traction on this feature. After reviewing the subitems roadmap, I noticed an item that references “Board Views,” and it’s release is “TBD;” does this encompass what we’re looking for in this thread?


Also want to chime in as this is a very important feature we need. For client-facing tracking, we end up having to completely redo the same tracking (minus some internal info) in google sheets…we’re doing double the work where we were hoping that Monday would help with consolidating tasks.

Hi at the agency I work we would also really like this feature to be added as soon as possible!

This would be a game changer. We have brand deals with hundreds of deliverables listed as subitems and want them to be able to see their status.

This would be huge to share subitems to other companies like our that has hundreds of brand deals with deliverables as subitems.

In our company, we have brand deals with several other companies that have deliverables. We have video creation and where they are in the process, the links to scripts, release dates, we have email campaigns, along with interviewing on podcasts, etc. The brand deals are 1-2 years long with hundreds of deliverables and tied to connected boards.

Only thing the brand can see is the first line, and none of the important details.

I would hope this wouldn’t be a major problem since the linking is already working with the general line, just code it to include all of it.